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Eventful Visual Moments
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1. Ask about cost
2. Ask about a cover photo (list the name) "Reunion" 
3. General Information
Free Shipping

Packages start at $150.00 
The package consists of the following…

50 to 70 photographs including video, (when you supply the photographs and videos to be used!), with your music and captions.

1. High Quality Original DVD+R Disk with color DVD label in a hard case
2.10 High Quality DVD’s with black and white labels in jewel cases for family and friends.

You need to call for personalized service on captions and music for your package!

Note: On site photographs and video will be an extra $300.00 plus $400.00 for the package. (For 2.0 hours of work total) Within Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  

Prices subject to change due to distance of travel outside of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

50 percent deposit is required to start a project with the balance due upon completion of the project prior to shipping!

Add $5.00 service charge to each payment that you ake with PayPal
​(When paying a deposit, plus $5.00, and your Balance plus $5.00) 

Video & Photography
 Eventful Visual Moments